Why I want to farm

(Originally written on August 15, 2023)

Whenever I tell someone I want to be a farmer, they always look surprised. Unfortunately, farming is not a very common occupation. People are even more confused when I explain that I am not seeking out college agricultural programs (more on that later). What’s even more unfortunate is my inability to explain myself. There are so many reasons I want to be a farmer that I don’t even know how to start. But I still want to try to explain. 

Working Outside

First, I want to become a farmer because I want to work outside. So many jobs involve working at a desk or a computer and limiting the time squeezed in for enjoying God’s vast creation. Nevertheless, an obvious objection is that farming can involve inside work, as well. Accounting, marketing, and making value-added products can all be completed inside. That’s fine with me. I just want to be outside more. The subject of being outdoors is something I need to write an entire article about, as the practice is lacking, especially for children.

Local Food

Secondly, I am passionate about good, local food. If I wasn’t a farmer, I might be a nutritionist. Yet, there is not enough local food available in my town. Almost everything in the grocery store is from out-of-state and lacking in quality. Local farmers give people an opportunity to provide delicious, reliable, nutrient-dense meals for their families.


On another health-related note, farming can involve substantial physical labor. It can be easy to cringe, but exercise is a necessary thing. Moving and using your body is good, and that is what it is designed for.


Additionally, I love the prospect of running my own business and experiencing a variety of tasks. I would get to decide my own hours, employ other people, and share the gospel with people freely. It is one of the most exciting and most terrifying things possible. As usual, the things I desire the most are the things I worry about the most. Still, animal training, research, marketing, cooking, and maybe even selling medicinal herbs are all things I look forward to.


Besides this, you may have read my other articles that speak of my hopes to be a wife and mother. Farmsteading could work well with that. It makes a wonderful family occupation where both mother and father can be home with the kids. Kids would get the opportunity to spend time outside, learn business practices, and interact with people outside their families (through employees, interns, or customers).


I could share more details, but those are my main motivating factors. I can serve other people by doing something I enjoy! And, of course, every good work can be done for God’s glory (1 Cor. 10:31). Maybe you relate to some of my desires—farming might be the occupation for you! Either way, I challenge you to do what God has called you to, even if it seems impossible or overwhelming.

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4 responses to “Why I want to farm”

  1. Lael, you did a great job writing yet another amazing blog. You’re such an inspiration! Keep up the great work, follow your dreams, and let God take care of the rest.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Way to follow what God has put in your heart. And kids needing more outside time is something I’ve been learning about lately.

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