The Final Day

The picture is of me in the airplane I took to Anchorage.

Written February 23, 2023

It is the final day. I am suspended above the Pacific Ocean and set to arrive in Anchorage, Alaska, in two hours. The white-capped waves look like city lights or another sky. Fields of mountains made from thick frosting decorate the coast.

It is the final day. Each day has been different on this trip. Though I know the days at home are unique in their own way, I am worried I will forget what I have learned.

I have learned that every friend was once a stranger and that strangers can become friends.

I have learned that where you live does not make you better or smarter than people in other places.

I have learned that unity in Christ is more important than dividing over feelings, traditions, lesser doctrines, and anything inferior to him.

I have learned the importance of being with someone.

I have learned that God is here.

I have learned many other things, and I pray they will not be forgotten and that I will share them with others. Even as we soar past each cotton ball and puff of whipped cream, I pray this.

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