(Unfrequently Asked Questions)

The questions you didn’t ask, answered!

Why is there a UAQ page?

This question should be answered on the FAQ page.

Is “unfrequently” even a word?

Actually, it is! It’s even in the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Unfortunately, “unfrequently” was surpassed in popularity by its relative “infrequently.”

“Unfreqently” is so unpopular that spell check on my computer keeps switching it to “infrequently,” and Grammarly is displaying a message that says: “This word is unknown.”

I think we should use “unfrequently” more frequently, because “unfrequently” is the more infrequently used word. That means it’s more appropriate in contexts where we want to get the magnitude of infrequentness across to the reader.

In other words, “unfrequently” is a more powerful way of saying “infrequently.”

What are those strange patterns in the pictures behind the titles on certain pages?

Glad you asked! Since no one has ever asked me that question, this question definitely belongs on this page. But please don’t ask me this question too many times. Otherwise, I’d need to move it to the FAQ page and rewrite this whole introduction. That’s just too much work!

Those strange but beautiful patterns (on pages like the one for my blog) are fractals. Now you may be asking, “What are fractals?” However, I cannot answer that question on this page because it is a frequently asked question.

This page just doesn’t make any sense to me…

Sorry, that’s not a question so it can’t be discussed here.