I Memorized Colossians—and You Can Too!

If you are capable of reading this article, you are capable of memorizing an entire book of the Bible. I know this from experience. Starting last December, I began my study of Colossians (you can learn more about that here). Since then, I have recited the entire book. It took me a year, but it was worth it. The key for me was taking a little bit at a time, remembering my why, and being persistent.

Tip #1: Take a Little at a Time

My first tip for you is to take a little bit at a time. What destroyed my progress in my attempts to memorize Philippians and Psalm 119 was pushing myself too much. I started with high expectations and when I couldn’t meet those demands, I got discouraged and gave up. Instead, just take one section at a time and practice it every day. Sometimes, I would read a paragraph three times and that was all I did. Using the skills I have learned from playing the piano, I would look at it the first time, try to look away and say it, and then go back to reading again. Start with where you are comfortable, and challenge yourself from there.

Tip #2: Remember Your Why

Second, remember your why. Why study the Bible? Why tuck it in your brain? God’s word is precious and more valuable than anything else (Psalm 119 will tell you that!). It will provide truth and keep you from temptation. Even when you don’t understand what you are memorizing at the time, God will bring it to mind and you will increase in wisdom and understanding gradually. So, remember the value of what you are accomplishing, and that will aid you with the next tip…

Tip #3: Be Persistent

Be persistent! At times, I got bored, impatient, or just tired. When you are tired, press on. The theme verse of the co-op I once attended was this: “Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:13-14 ESV). You haven’t failed until you give up. Maybe you won’t succeed on this project—that’s OK. Just keep trying and God will mature you and give you diligence as you rely on his strength.

You can do it!

Take a little at a time, remember your purpose, and don’t give up! You are capable of doing what seems impossible when you know the God of the impossible. If you need some inspiration, watch this video below of me reciting Colossians.1 Be encouraged that with hard work and dedication, you can hide God’s word in your heart.

Lael Recites Colossians


  1. DISCLAIMER: Forgive my mistakes in the video! I certainly wouldn’t win in the Bible Bee. I’ll keep reviewing it and hopefully smooth out those wrinkles and my awkwardness! ↩︎

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3 responses to “I Memorized Colossians—and You Can Too!”

  1. Lael, that was amazing! I followed along in the Bible, and you did very well!
    I’m really glad that you didn’t give up along the way. Memorizing an entire book of the Bible – and reciting it on video for others to see and hear – is truly an inspiration to other people. Next time I’m stuck on memorizing a longer Scripture passage, I’ll remember how you memorized the book of Colossians :).
    – Vivienne

  2. Lael, fantastic job! So blessed to see God working thru you, you are truly an inspiration to others! Thank you for your witness and steadfastness ❤️

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