God’s Good Creation

Originally Written on June 5, 2023

Right now I watch in agony as my mother sprays insect killer around the entire house. Of course, I don’t want carpenter ants living in our house, but I am determined to find alternative solutions to these problems. My mother, like so many others, “doesn’t like bugs.” She would even go so far as to say they are part of the curse. However, God created bugs as part of his good creation. Remember the verse that says, “…and creeping things” (Genesis 1:24 ESV). I wonder if mosquitos were created when God made flying things or when he made creeping things. 

Anyway, it should be obvious that insects have not always stung or bitten, but even now they retain good purposes. For example, breaking down organic matter, aerating the soil, and pollinating plants. Instead of allowing ourselves to be disgusted by “creepy crawlies,” we should even align our feelings with the truth. This includes the truth that insects are part of God’s good creation.

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