David and Adam Comedy Skits

I wrote the David and Adam Comedy Skits a few years ago, and I can’t remember exactly why. I think I wrote them so my family could have a short, funny puppet show on hand for random performances. And that’s essentially how they have been used.

However, the skit’s big debut happened just recently when my sister, myself, and a friend did a puppetry workshop at CYIA. We performed the David Comedy Skit as terribly as we could to show how not to do a puppet show and then did the Adam Comedy Skit much better to show them what a good puppet show looks like.

Performing the David Comedy Skit


Even though I don’t remember why I wrote these skits, I do remember what I was inspired by. As I was reading The Best Ever Book of Good Clean Jokes by Bob Phillips, I came upon a section of jokes that were all about Adam and Eve. Some of the jokes seemed to go together. There was a repeated theme of Eve being very talkative. So then I thought, “What if I put these all together into one comedy show!” 

Thus, the Bible Comedy Show was born. And it ended up as a puppet show, of course, because I’m into puppets.

Wait a minute, maybe that was the primary reason why I wrote them. Just for fun, I guess? They were a random thought? Ah, I don’t suppose it matters too much…

Teenagers thought they were funny

While the skits were originally written with a younger audience in mind, the teenagers at CYIA thought it was hilarious. I heard laughter in the audience after every joke. One of the teens even said it was the best part of CYIA!

I was quite surprised because the jokes (in my opinion) are rather cheesy. In one of the jokes the interviewer asks Adam, “What time of day were you born?” And Adam says, “Before, Eve, of course.” I mean, seriously…

In my experience, the kids in the age group that the skit was written for don’t laugh much at all. There was a time we performed the David Comedy Skit for some Good News Club kids and there was complete silence. Except when the one puppet flailed around violently. They thought that part was funny.

Young children don’t understand many kinds of jokes. The jokes in the Adam Comedy Skit rely on the audience understanding the “women talk a lot” stereotype and being able to comprehend double meanings, such as that “eve” can be a time of day or a name.

But, even if younger children usually will not laugh, they are always intently focused on any puppet show. For example, even though our Good News Club kids didn’t laugh much at the David Comedy Skit, there was complete silence because they were so into it. Just imagine that zombie-like face kids have when they are watching TV. That’s what it’s like.

Skit Summaries

Adam Comedy Skit

The Adam Comedy Skit starts with the Bible Comedy Show’s host introducing their special guest, Adam. Adam then comes onto the stage and makes a number of jokes about himself and his wife that the Interviewer thinks are strange. One thing that is odd about the Interviewer is that they behave as if they are just having a normal conversation, even though their conversation takes place in the context of a Comedy Show.

An enhanced version of the skit could have a decorated stage curtain in the style of a game showroom, with bright-colored signs, streamers, and the like. It is also designed to have clapping, laughing, and theme show sound effects.

David Comedy Skit

This skit is very crazy. The main characters, Ben and Jen, are supposed to be doing a comedy set together, but they don’t seem to know what they’re doing. They mention things like hobbits, Queen Jezebel, and lagoons for no particular reason. And parts of it seem more like a joke battle than a comedy presentation.

In comparison to the Adam Comedy Skit, a lot less of the David Comedy Skit was inspired by Bob Phillips. Maybe that’s why it ended up so chaotic. I guess that’s my form of comedy!

Feel free to perform them

In closing, the David and Adam Comedy Skits could be a great way to spice up a children’s ministry event or a Sunday School Lesson. If you would like to use the Comedy Skits for a puppet show, drama, Facebook Live event, or whatever else you do, feel free to visit the links below to view or download them.

Update (6/27/2024): My sister just informed me that the real reason I wrote these scripts was for a comedy booth at our church’s Fall Festival. Unfortunately, we never performed them there because my dad got Covid, so we stayed home.

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