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Lundy with the swastika flag he brought back from Germany

The photo is of Lundy holding a swastika flag that he brought back from Europe.

Written January 12, 2023

Today I had the opportunity to visit my grandma’s neighbor Lundy who is 106 years old. Later, I saw my great-grandfather who is 90.

Lundy is one of the few remaining men that was part of the US Cavalry. He told us about his experience at Omaha where the battles were happening inland. Apparently, they were having great difficulty because German soldiers were hiding behind the walls of each vineyard. This slowed the pace of their travel to ½ a mile per day!

The slow pace did not last forever, though. Lundy remembered when the Allies flew over and bombed the vineyard walls. They flew over in waves of French, American, and English. The bombing was risky business, however, since the Americans were scattered throughout the fields as well. At least one of the American generals was killed.

Apparently, Lundy also used to have his pilot’s license.

P.S. After this article was written, my great-grandfather died. 

P.S.S. Lundy just turned 107 years old.

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