Adam Comedy Skit

Script Author: Johnathan Kirsch


The Bible Comedy Show invites Adam on to the stage as a special guest. Adam’s interview is mainly just Adam making jokes about his talkative wife.

Puppets Needed

  • Boy Puppet: Adam
  • Puppet: Interviewer
  • Human* or Puppet: Show Host
What does “human” mean?

“Human” means that you could use a person in front of the stage as that actor instead of a puppet.


Show Host: Today we’re met by our honored guest: Adam!


Show Host: The first man, Adam himself has agreed to a short interview at The Bible Comedy Show.


Interviewer: Hello, Adam, thanks for coming here today.

Adam: Ah, yes, I needed to get away from that noisy environment.

Interviewer: Excuse me.

Adam: Oh, my home.

Interviewer: Ok? Anyway, my first question for you today is, at what time of day were you born?

Adam: Before, Eve, of course.


Interviewer: But that’s not what I meant.

Adam: It works.

Interviewer: Next question: Why do you think God created you first?

Adam: To give me a chance to say something.


Adam: By the way, do you know when the first radio was made?

Interviewer: No.

Adam: When God took my rib and made it into a loudspeaker.


Interviewer: Do you consider yourself the most physically fit human of all time?

Adam: Well I am first in the human race.


Interviewer: Adam, do you have any stories or advice for us in this age?

Adam: Well, one time Eve asked me, “Adam, do you love me.” My response was, “Who else?”


Show Host: Thank you, everyone, for joining us on today’s Bible Comedy Show.


This script is freely given (Matt. 10:8) for the sake of the gospel. You can copy, translate, modify, and distribute this script, without restriction, and without needing to ask permission.

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