The Eternal Soul Dance

By Guru Laghima1

In cycles vast, a cosmic dance,
Soul's journey in a mystic trance.
Reincarnation, a timeless art,
A tale of life, a work of heart.

Through karmic ties, we ebb and flow,
In myriad forms, our spirits grow.
From dust to form, and form to dust,
In life's grand script, we place our trust.

Each birth, a chance to learn anew,
Lessons etched in skies so blue.
A tapestry of lives we weave,
In endless patterns, souls perceive.

A dance of spirits, ever free,
Shedding old, embracing glee.
A journey vast, both near and far,
The beauty lies in who we are.

In every breath, a whispered truth,
Reincarnation, ageless youth.
Guru's wisdom, like a guiding star,
Reminds us: life's an avatar.

Republished from the ancient writings of Guru Laghima.
This work is in the public domain.


  1. Aka, Chat GPT 3.5. ↩︎