Puppet Show Scripts

Adam Comedy Skit

Author: Johnathan Kirsch

The Bible Comedy Show invites Adam on to the stage as a special guest. Adam’s interview is mainly just Adam making jokes about his talkative wife.

David Comedy Skit

Author: Johnathan Kirsch

Ben and Jen, two eccentric characters, are supposed to be doing a Bible Comedy show. But they can barely manage to hold an intelligible conversation. They end up telling some off the rails jokes about King David.

Valentine’s Day Speech

Author: Johnathan Kirsch

It’s Valentine’s Day and Daniel is preparing to present a speech about love. Things are going well until Daniel sees Jacob Skull-crusher, an enemy from his past. Daniel struggles to forgive Jacob, and when he tries, not everything goes well.

The Colors of Schmutz

Author: Markus Wolf

Schmutz comes back from art camp with some paintings for his friend Mandy. After Mandy sees that Schmutz’s paintings are each of the colors of the wordless book, she tells Schmutz the gospel.

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